Event Wrap Up! – What *could* have happened

When playing a mystery game there all sorts of possible outcomes! Here’s some of the possibilities that *could* have happened at “The Inauguration of the Scarlet Ribbon Society,” contributed by mystery attendees.

Professor Devonshire as the culprit:

his motives

-rigged the babbage machine to pay him more so he could pay off his gambling debt

-blackmailing Ms. Catsby to get money for his debts

-stealing money as there are too many school admins taking money from professors

-bribed by Captain Twisp to steal

Professor Sansonnet as the culprit:

her motives

-rigged the machine to pay her fiance more to pay for her wedding, she threatened to black mail if he exposed her

Devonshire and Sansonnet in cahoots as the culprits:

their motive

-sabotaged the Babbage engine to get funding for a new lab and to elope together

Devonshire and Catsby in cahoots as the culprits:

their motive

-altered pay ledger for funds to buy the stolen mystical Amulet

Arthur as the culprit:

his motive

-stealing right from under Ms. Catsby’s nose out of revenge

Devonshire, Sansonnet, and James in cahoots as the culprits:

their motive

-made pay shortages to pay James more, they were blackmailing James for the money as he is a werewolf

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