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Welcome to the home of the Steam Century: Kaposia chapter.

We are citizens of Kaposia and attendees of the University of Kaposia.  In our world, the map looks much different than the one you might know.  This is the world of Steam Century, a Steampunk alternative history.

Steam Century is the name of an alternative historical world created by a group of friends from Madison, Wisconsin and this page is for the Minneapolis, Minnesota chapter. In our world, the British lost the Seven Years War (aka The French and Indian War), which left Canada in the hands of the French. Without Canada as a consolation prize, the British fought ferociously to keep their American colonies. The infamous rebellion of 1776 failed, and ended with its leaders executed or exiled.

The American colonies have developed in a much different world from the one we know. The colonies’ western border is the Mississippi River, which forms the boundary between the British Empire and the American Indian countries of Tekamthi and the Confederation of Plains Nations. To the south, the British colonies border Elatse, a country founded by the Five Civilized Nations, exiles from the American rebellion, and French and Spanish immigrants. To the north is the old enemy, New France. To the west of the American Indian nations can be found the small countries of Deseret and Texas. These are surrounded by the giants of Mexico and the American colonies of Imperial Russia.

Politics do not make up the only differences in the world of Steam Century.  Werewolves, vampires, and other mysterious beings prowl the night.  Magicians and scientists vie for control of the elements, and airships soar through the skies.

It is now the year 1901. North America and the rest of the world enjoy a tenuous peace. In this Cold War, rival nations attempt to further their ambitions through espionage and treachery.

In Steam Century’s world the British government and people are sick of fighting a two front war:  The Napoleonic Wars (which ended (for the first time) in 1812) and the war with Tecumseh, the leader of Tekamthi. With Parliament eager to cut their losses, the government sued for peace by offering Tecumseh’s followers and affiliated nations land to the west of the Mississippi, making the border with the British colonies and Tekamthi. On the French border, the citizens of New France had been almost entirely isolated during the Napoleonic wars (the British Navy pretty much ruled the Atlantic) and the local governors would probably have promised anything to the Indian nations in return for help keeping the British from steamrolling them from the south. So that provided the land and makes up the French-Tekamthi border. Tekamthi gets along with the French much better than with the British.

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