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Steam Century forum

Published on October 24, 2009 at 12:21 am  Comments (8)  

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  1. Just wanted to say hello, and am glad there are steampunk going ons in the great state of MN where I will be moving soon. Feb or sooner with any luck! I am a Steampunk artist and will be looking forward to meeting others who enjoy the genre as well. Take care, and best regards

    Jon Gosling
    River Otter Widget Studios

    • Hello Jon,

      Welcome to Minnesota! Will you be in or near the Twin Cities? We hope you can join us at one of our events or gatherings in the future. We are always looking to connect with local steampunk enthusiasts and to grow our community.

      Best Regards,

      The Scarlet Ribbon Society

  2. Hi and thanks for the welcome! I will be living in the Metro Twin Cities area 🙂 White Bear Lake region most likely, as I have family in that area. Feb is still a ways off yet, but will be looking forward to attending one of your get togethers in the future. Take care and best regards,

    Jon Gosling

  3. Love your site and the activities look great. Unfortunately Minneapolis is a bit far for a day trip. Is there a Duluth area chapter or some enthusiasts that would like to start one?

    • There isn’t a Duluth chapter yet but you are welcome to start one. Let us know if you’re interested and if you need help getting started!

      • Hi,
        Any advise on how to get started or what activities to do would be great. I made fliers and took them to Con of the North. Unfortunately I noticed later that I had left a letter out of the address. What a waste! My direct email is Feel free to pass it out. I’d love to get a small group to meet up at our home or a coffee shop just to brain storm and see what activities/projects people might be interested in. We have a large yard that might make a great place to meet when the weather improves.

  4. […] CONvergence wrap-up Thank you to all who participated in the Steam Century events at CONvergence this year.  Please take our wrap-up survey here and tell us what you enjoyed and what we can do to improve the experience; donate to help fund future events and build even cooler props by clicking here; or send us a comment or email here. […]

  5. Hope you guys can go to more cons, like the new MetaCon in MN! ❤ (Yes, I'm on staff, lol! :D)

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